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Burbank CA 91505

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California Department of Business Oversight License # 963-2715

Residential Commercial REO Shortsale Bulk Refinance Private Loans

Better Escrow Service is LA's premier independently owned and licensed escrow company specializing in residential and commercial real estate. All our escrow officers are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and willingness to ensure your transaction runs smoothly from start to finish. From homeowners to investors, our priority is exceptional service to make your escrow as smooth as possible and to provide you peace of mind.

After hours loan signing? No problem!

Prefer electronic Docusign signatures? No problem!

Concurrent closing? No problem!

Same day escrow instructions? No problem!

Need a seller net sheet ASAP? No problem!

We're here to help

Scott Paul
Tel: (818) 636-7631
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Alitta Mitchell
Sr Escrow Officer
Tel: (818) 381-4714
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Sebastian Amirian
Sr Escrow Officer
Tel: (818) 486-2489
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Danielle Love
Escrow Officer
Tel: (818) 381-4712
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Kirsten Simon
Business Development/
Escrow Assistant to Danielle

Tel: (818) 962-2379
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Shari Levy
Business Development
Tel: (818) 381-4715
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Tessa Nordquist
Escrow Officer
Tel: (818) 381-4715
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Fred Danelian
Escrow Officer
Tel: (818) 641-4016
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Joanna Busalacchi
Escrow Officer
Tel: (818) 731-6562
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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Rochelle Singh
Escrow Officer
Tel: (323) 578-8579
Fax: (877) 310-4920
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